#ChristmasJumper campaign warns of the dangers of excessive drinking

This weekend (from Thursday 8 – Saturday 10 December) is expected to see the start of the Christmas party season and festive revellers are being urged to drink sensibly as part of Suffolk Constabulary’s Christmas jumper campaign.
Supported via social media, crime prevention messages will feature on a series of Christmas jumpers to help raise awareness of potential dangers, whilst also encouraging people to have a #SaferChristmas.
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#SoberingMoment – ‘Brothers’

Police Service of Northern Ireland is encouraging young people to think carefully about the choices they make while under the influence of alcohol through a unique new social media campaign created in partnership with local students.
The #SoberingMoment initiative, which was launched on Monday (December 5, 2016) by Assistant Chief Constable Stephen Martin, alongside Justice Minister Clare Sugden, comprises four short videos designed, acted and produced by students from South Eastern Regional College’s Performing and Creative Arts courses in partnership with the PSNI.
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IAM RoadSmart

Drink driving carries a lot of stigma and the accident figures speak for themselves. More than 5,000 people a year are killed or injured as a result of an incident involving a driver or rider over the limit. But what fewer people realise is just how easily that could have been them. As a provider of Drink Drive Rehabilitation Courses we hear so many different accounts of how people came to be convicted.

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Alcohol makes you small

The Dutch campaign (in 2009), was supported by the Trimbos Institute, and was an initiative of two students of the Willem de Kooning Academy.
The campaign aimed to reach teens and raise awareness about the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption. The actual content of the project is focused on the visualization of excessive alcohol as childish.
More information: http://www.communicatieonline.nl/nieuws/studentes-ontwikkelen-campagne-alcohol-krijgt-je-klein

Chloe – A Documentary

Chloe is a 16 year old girl who struggled with mental health issues, including anxiety and depression, while fighting a drug and alcohol addiction throughout her young teenage years. After refusing any attempt to save her life, Chloe’s parents took control and forced her to go to the U.S for proper and immediate mental health treatment.
Source: Brittany Nguyen

Chloe – A Documentary from Brittany Nguyen on Vimeo.

How many drinks can your child handle?

Far too many children worry that their parents will drink too much at Christmas. The campaign “How many glasses can your child withstand?” will put the spotlight on this so that we, the adults, think more about it.
Children who find that their parents drink too much are in every kindergarten and every school and in all walks of life. More than we think. The estimate shows that at least 90 000 children have a parent who has abused alcohol in the past year. Nearly one in ten children.
This movie clip is based on a true story of a 10 year old girl who experiences that her Christmas joy is drowning in her fathers’ alcohol consumption. The girl in the movie, who wishes to remain anonymous, is now 30 years old. She is still secretly counting how many glasses her dad drinks at Christmas – scared to let him know how she’s feeling.
Campaign by AV-OG-TIL (Norway, December 2016)

Crashed Lives – For Ciarán

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) and An Garda Síochána has released a new ad to help prevent drinking and driving as part of its annual Christmas and New Year Road Safety Campaign.
The video tells the story of Gillian and Ronan Treacy, whose four-year-old son Ciarán who was killed in a head-on collision with a drunk driver in April 2014. It includes the words of Gillian, Ronan and the emergency services and medical team who fought to save Ciarán’s life.
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The “Mineral Tour” campaign

The Belgian Cancer Foundation presented a campaign on Wednesday to encourage Belgians not to drink alcohol during the month of February 2017.
A total of 82 percent of Belgians consume alcohol, and as much as 51 percent consume more than 11 glasses per week, according to foundation’s website. The “Mineral Tour” campaign, which will be organized for the first time in 2017, aims to raise awareness.
Candidates register to participate on Mineral Tour campaign website where they will find health information, testimonies, and advice on participating.
Find more: https://www.tourneeminerale.be/fr