THIS is what happens 24 hours after you take your first sip


Finally. Its Thursday!

We drink more alcohol on normal weekdays. Just look at Instagram, Facebook or pass an outdoor cafe on a Tuesday evening.
But the knowledge that there are risks even with the “continental everyday drinking” is low. For example it is not uncommon that people get addicted even by drinking little and often. And worse you get if you combine everyday drinking with classic Swedish manner when the weekend comes.
With this film IQ would encourage people to think about their own drinking.
By IQ, Sweden –

Think twice about EVERY drink

You don’t need to be a heavy drinker to be at risk. Any level of regular drinking increases the risk of a range of cancers. Drinking a pint of beer or a standard glass of wine every day can increase the risk of a range of cancers. Many of us underestimate the risk we are taking because we underestimate how much we are really drinking. It’s easy to do, especially if you enjoy a glass of wine with your dinner or a beer while relaxing on the sofa.
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BBC Teach: Underage alcohol abuse and binge drinking

A drama about the effects of alcohol abuse and binge drinking on young people. Joe is 14 and in year 9. He is growing up fast. With nobody at home most of the time, excitement means experimenting with alcohol. He causes chaos at an older child’s party and ends up on his own asleep on the night bus. His increasing bingeing is alienating even his close friend Chaz. Joe’s brother TB returns home just in time to rescue him. When Joe’s Mum discovers a stash of alcohol under the bed and blames TB, things come to a head.
This clip is from the BBC series L8R Youngers; short dramas about the journey from primary school into adolescence.

Long term effects of alcohol on the brain (INFOGRAPHIC)

Alcohol affects the parts of the brain that control movement, speech, judgement, memory, thus causing the short term effects of excessive drinking, which include slurred speech, memory lapses, aggressive outbursts and impulsive behavior, and loss of motor coordination. On the long run, drinking large amounts of alcohol for a prolonged period of time can have serious side effects on people’s mind and consciousness.
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Was it worth it?

The goal of the Was It Worth It? anti alcohol and violence campaign was to break the link between alcohol and violence in First Nations communities and Canada as a whole and to create awareness of the effects of alcohol use and abuse and its potential consequences, focusing on the direct relation to violence in First Nations communities and across our Nation.
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Operation Dry Water

Operation Dry Water (ODW) is a year-round boating under the influence awareness and enforcement campaign. The mission of ODW is to reduce the number of alcohol-related accidents and fatalities through increased recreational boater awareness and by fostering a stronger and more visible deterrent to alcohol use on the water.
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You’re Going Nowhere Fast – Operation Dry Water 2016 PSA from NASBLA on Vimeo.