Be The Wall

“The mission of the Drug-Free Caroline Coalition is to engage the members of our community in prevention efforts toward changing community attitudes and behaviors that have supported youth substance use/abuse in Caroline County.”



There is a darker side to drinking that just about everyone encounters at some point. In sufficient quantities, alcohol becomes a poison that your body rejects. You are certain to suffer a hangover at the very least, but it damages more than just your immediate health. It can have serious consequences that build up over time.
Your life span can be significantly shortened, and you may develop debilitating diseases. To make things worse, alcohol has a negative impact on your social life as well. It can harm friendships, family relationships, and your marriage. Consider your choices carefully. Alcoholism leads to consequences that are avoidable.


Break the Silence, reach for help

Break the Silence, reach for help was produced with the Alcohol and You Northern Ireland Partnership. You can see a range of alcohol-related issues being addressed in reference to families and how it affects each person who live with someone that has an alcohol related issue.
By Drug & Alcohol Coordination Teams, Northern Ireland –

dact drugs and alcohol 0 from Creativ3 on Vimeo.

No Magic Goat

“Your chance of injury goes up dramatically if you drink, but the chance of some goat coming to save your sorry ass is low. Very low. Like, zero, really. There’s a very good chance, though, that a human being could help. Check out the info below to learn some stuff about alcohol, its effects, how it can hurt you, and most importantly, how you can avoid getting hurt.”
No Magic Goat (Canada) –

Night of Nostalgia

As part of one of the most important events in the annual calendar for Uruguayans, as usual, the National Road Safety Unit (UNASEV) presents its communication campaign for Night of Nostalgia.
The goal is obvious: encourage not driving under the influence of any drugs (alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, etc.) that can reduce the reactions and reflexes of drivers risking the lives of everyone.

No te des vuelta from elClub on Vimeo.

One punch can kill

This film was produced as an assessment piece for Cinematography and Lighting at Bond University. Students were required to produce a 30 second commercial based on a product, business or public service announcement of their choosing. For this piece, I chose to create an PSA for alcohol-fueled violence, drawing inspiration from the Australian Government’s “One Punch Can Kill” campaign.

ONE PUNCH CAN KILL TVC from Declan Caruso on Vimeo.

Passed Out or Dying?

Indiana Youth Services Association’s Make Good Decisions Initiative partners with Indiana’s Lifeline Law and Statewide 911 Board to increase awareness about alcohol poisoning, the signs and symptoms and the ability to text-to-911 on Indiana’s college and high school campuses. The hi-tech advertising campaign is using mobile messages, like this one, delivered to young adults on Indiana’s campuses for the TXT911Lifeline Make Good Decisions Initiative.