In a new campaign to raise awareness of alcohol addiction among young people, French organisation Addict Aide set up a fictional Instagram account for a 25 year-old woman named Louise Delage. Young, glamorous and party-loving Delage quickly racked up 12K followers and 50K likes on the platform before a reveal film (above) showed that there was more to her account than meets the eye. With most of her photographs containing images of alcohol, the campaign aimed to highlight the fact that we may already know someone whose addiction is hidden in plain sight.
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1 in 3 Cancers

Evidence now shows that 1 in 3 cases of cancer each year can be prevented with healthier lifestyle choices. A new campaign launched by Cancer Council NSW via Designer Rice called ‘1 in 3 Cancers” is tackling the low awareness across the state of all the lifestyle factors that evidence shows increase cancer risk. Poor diet, being overweight, not doing enough physical activity and drinking too much alcohol collectively contribute to nearly as many cancer cases as smoking.
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Drawing upon a variety of university research from Notre Dame, Brown, and the University of Rhode Island – this infographic gives a detailed description of the dangers of the all too common practice of mixing alcohol and drugs. The main section of this infographic breaks down the specific negative effects of combining the following drugs with alcohol: marijuana, cocaine, sedatives, antidepressants, opiates, and antihistamines. This is followed up with a pie chart relating the disturbingly high percentage of people who regularly mix prescription drugs and alcohol: 60%.

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Get a takeaway if you have been drinking

Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) is launching a student safety campaign to coincide with Freshers weeks taking place across the area.
AF&RS have been called 63 times to student halls of residence in the Avon area to tackle fires, false alarms and other incidents since September 2015.
The campaign highlights that if students have been drinking alcohol it is better to get a take away rather than attempting to cook and risk starting a fire, putting lives and treasured possessions in danger.
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The State Government (Government of Western Australia) will take a tough stance on high end and repeat drink drivers, with the introduction of alcohol interlocks next month.
A media advertising campaign launched by Road Safety Minister Liza Harvey and Road Safety Commissioner Kim Papalia today, warns drivers that the WA Alcohol Interlock Scheme (WA AIS) comes into effect on October 24th.
The seven week television and radio education campaign reminds drivers of the inconvenience an alcohol interlock will be for alcohol offenders.
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#BreakTheSilence #ReachForHelp

Are you affected by someone else’s drinking and/or drug use? Are you aware that you can get help and support in your own right regardless of whether the person you care about is ready to change or not?
There are a number of services in place across the region who can offer you information, advice and/or one to one support to help you understand how you are being impacted by someone else’s drinking and/or drug use and to reduce the stress and strain on yourself.
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Project EDWARD – European Day Without A Road Death

Project EDWARD is supported by all 30 TISPOL member countries, and a growing number of road safety organisations have pledged to work with TISPOL to promote the messages of EDWARD as far and wide as possible. We hope that, with support from colleagues and partners across Europe, Project EDWARD will be a high-profile way of reminding everyone that there is a great deal of hard work going on across Europe towards 2020 casualty reduction goals – and beyond that, too.
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Reach Out – Binge Drinking

In 1992, a young man took his life on a farm in Victoria. His death devastated his friend and family, who now numbered among the thousands of people who have been deeply affected by the increasing rates of suicide in Australia.
The loss of his and other young lived sparked an idea that would transform the way young people found help.
In 1997 the Inspire Foundation, now known as ReachOut Australia, was established by Jack Heath to harness the potential of the internet, becoming the world’s first online mental health service for young people.
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