Alcohol Abuse among the Indians

This video was produced for use in a Lamar Associates online training course.

Alcohol Abuse PSA – Lamar Associates/Red Ant Films from Indian Country Training Inst. on Vimeo.


Booze It & Lose It: Drinking and Driving is a Dumb Idea

The Governor’s Highway Safety Program (North Carolina, USA) urges drivers to celebrate the unofficial end of summer responsibly, and if you drink, always designate a sober driver.
There is nothing funny about driving drunk. Choosing to get behind the wheel after imbibing is about as dumb as pouring beer over the head of a guy twice your size. Be smart. Don’t do it.
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This Shelter is an Alcohol-Free Family Zone

The organization Snoman (Winnipeg, Canada) is kicking off a new public relations campaign that underscores the importance of alcohol-free snowmobiling.
The organization will post posters, which are titled This Shelter is an Alcohol-Free Family Zone, throughout the province’s snowmobiling network to stress its position of zero tolerance for drinking on the trail system and in shelters.
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