Tell Your Friends: Don’t Drink and Drive This New Year’s Eve

Drunk driving crashes are preventable. Let’s start 2017 off on a safe note: Share this video if you’re willing to help be (or find) a designated driver for your friends this New Year’s Eve. By Erie Insurance (December 2015).


Don’t be a drunk head

Brazilian pediatric organization SPRS launched the campaign “Don’t be a drunk head” on Tuesday (20/12/2016).
“We have a commitment to the healthy development of our children and adolescents. As pediatricians it is up to us to alert the family members and also to raise awareness among young people about the risks and consequences of excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, says Cristina Targa, president of SPRS.”
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Alcohol and minors

A 2014 survey carried out by the state-run National Drugs Plan among school students aged from 14 to 18 showed that more than 37,000 drank on a daily basis, with more than 285,000 taking up drinking within the last year. Almost 490,000, or 22%, had been drunk within the previous 30 days.
Growing concern about widespread alcohol abuse among Spanish teenagers, Spain’s FAD, a foundation that tackles drug and alcohol addiction, has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the problem.
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ADF – Preventing harm in Australia

For many Australians, drugs and alcohol leads to tension, neglect and isolation for people in different communities. The Australian Drug and Alcohol Foundation wanted to strengthen their message of support with the launch of a bold, minimal and direct brand, designed by Saffron. The new logo is made up of circular and straight pieces, which represent Australian communities being made of many different parts.
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ADF (Alcohol and Drug Foundation) Launch Animation from Never Sit Still on Vimeo.