Long term effects of alcohol on the body

Long term effects of alcohol on the body. People who regularly drink too much alcohol are putting their health at risk. Some of the harmful effects may not be apparent immediately and stay hidden until years later. Here is a list of possible alcohol effects on the body as a side-effect of long-term drinking:

An infographic from the team at Addiction Blog



Alcohol & Pop Culture – podcast

Let´s Talk Drugs a ProjectKnow.com podcast.

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How much is too much?

Austria is a country where people like to drink.
But the path from pleasure to habit to the problem of addiction is shorter than many believe. Because the risks of alcohol are barely talked about.
This silence is finally broken with the first Austrian Dialog Week on Alcohol. For one week the subject of alcohol is discussed.

Find more from http://www.dialogwoche-alkohol.at/

by Austrian ARGE addiction prevention (May, 2017).

No Party Parents

The #NoPartyParents campaign goal is to deter underage drinking at house parties by showcasing what social host situations can look like and the fines that are associated with them. The social host ordinance holds homeowners and “party parents” responsible when they supply minors with the location to consume alcohol. The #NoPartyParents campaign serves as a tool for parents and children to discuss candidly situations where adults may be harming minors and others by providing a place to gather and consume alcohol.

Find more http://nopartyparents.com/

By SACADA – Circles of San Antonio Coalition

Don´t be That Guy

Each night he’s on display somewhere, but makes his most frequent appearances on the weekends. He’s a regular guy, but when he’s had a few too many drinks, it shows. That Guy loses control, and he may not remember it in the morning. That Guy applies to anyone who, because of excessive drinking, behaves in a manner that others do not want to emulate or be around. In fact, women can be That Guy too.

Society sends mixed signals to That Guy. He’s just letting off some steam after a hard day or week, right? Sometimes his friends and strangers encourage his behavior. Maybe, in the moment, he feels like he’s funny or popular. Sometimes he’s the life of the party.

But is the crowd at the party, in the bar, or on the town laughing with him or at him? Are people cutting their eyes to the floor when he rambles on? Are they finding excuses to move elsewhere in the room? Is he embarrassing himself and others?

That Guy is funded by the Department of Defense.

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The Worst Countries For Drinking During Pregnancy

Europe is the worst region in the world for alcohol consumption rates during pregnancy. A study by The Lancet linking drinking rates during pregnancy to rates of foetal alcohol syndrome found that nine of the world’s ten worst countries are in Europe. Ireland came first by a considerable distance with an estimated 60 percent of mothers drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

Infographic from Forbes and Statista


Age wisely

A campaign by The A-Clinic Foundation (Finland, May 2017).
“Age wisely” campaign reminds that everyone should be able to speak about their drinking and bad feelings. “Take care of yourself and others. Alcohol can come in between of relationships. At older age, alcohol can have a stronger impact. With age you should decrease or stop drinking all together. How are you? How are your friends doing?”
The A-Clinic Foundation is a non-governmental organisation and service provider founded in 1955. Our treatment and rehabilitation services, substance abuse prevention and expert services help to reduce substance abuse and other psychosocial problems. In addition, we strive to improve the standing of substance abusers and their families in society.