Changing the Conversation: Integrating Alcohol and Drug Screening into Patient Care

Maryland SBIRT is a statewide health care improvement initiative to encourage health care providers and patients to discuss alcohol and drug use as part of routine medical visits.

SBIRT is an evidence-based, cost-effective public health approach that identifies and provides early intervention to adults and adolescents at risk of developing substance use and other behavioral health disorders. The SBIRT model uses validated screening instruments and interventions that have been proven effective.

Changing the Conversation: Integrating Alcohol and Drug Screening into Patient Care from Bonnie campbell on Vimeo.


Can’t See It

Balance North East “Can’t See It” Alcohol and Cancer Awareness from Rose Hendry on Vimeo.

North East drinkers are more likely to be drinking above recommended limits, putting themselves at greater risk of a range of different cancers including mouth, throat, oesophageal and bowel cancer.

That is the warning from Balance as a hard hitting new campaign launches today (4 Sept, 2017) urging people to take action to reduce their risk of seven types of cancer by taking more days off drinking for the sake of their health, family and loved ones.

Sales figures show enough alcohol is being sold in the North East for drinkers to consume 22.3 units per week on average compared to the Chief Medical Officer’s guidance which recommends no more than 14 units. That compares to the England and Wales average of 20.8 units sold per drinker, potentially putting people in the region at higher risk of 7 different cancers, including mouth, throat, oesophagus, breast and bowel.
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Go Sober this October


Be a Soberhero and go 31 days without alcohol this October – say no to the booze and yes to raising money for people living with cancer.

And just like every hero’s trusty sidekick, Macmillan will be with you every step of the way to help you along your sober journey.

By signing up to the challenge you’re doing something amazing for people with cancer. All the money raised by those Going Sober this October will help Macmillan support even more people facing cancer.

So thank you for taking part in Go Sober, raising a glass (of water) and standing proudly beside people facing cancer.

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