Here’s what we know about alcohol & pregnancy

“This infographic provides an overview of what we know about alcohol and pregnancy and the kinds of support women deserve. It was developed with support from Canada FASD Research Network and its Prevention Network Action Team with a goal of promoting engagement between women, partners, providers and communities.”
By Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health (Canada, 2017)




Alcohol as a beauty product

New wave of Alcohol? Know your limits. (Alkohol? Kenn dein Limit. Germany, October 2017).

“Alcohol as a beauty aid: Whether for skin, hair or even jewellery, alcohol has versatile application possibilities in the domestic bathroom. For example, vodka clarifies the skin, beer lets the hair shine and silver jewellery is freed from dirt residues.
Alcohol can also make beautiful – if you apply it externally.”

A Conversation Worth Having

“The Campus & Community Coalition has joined together with its partners, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools, the Town of Chapel Hill, and the Orange County Health Department to highlight a conversation worth having. Our team has pulled together the leading research on alcohol’s impacts on the underage brain to bring resources to families in our community so that they can start a conversation about adolescent substance use. We cover why families should be talking with their children about alcohol, how they can start the conversation, and how mental health and social media influence underage alcohol use. Our hope is that the community will build on the strength of its connections to start conversations within and among families.”

Read more from Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership



Provide alcohol and other drugs withdrawal services

The Salvation Army Booth College of Mission consists of the School for Officer Training – with campuses in Upper Hutt, New Zealand, and Suva, Fiji, the School of Bible and Mission, the Centre for Leadership Development, Youth Mission Training, and an Early Childhood Education Centre. Our mission is: ‘To inspire and enable men and women to develop the knowledge, skills, spirit and character to sustain and advance the mission of Christ in today’s world.’

CHCAOD005 Provide alcohol and other drugs withdrawal services from Booth Online on Vimeo.

CHCAOD001 Work in an alcohol and other drugs context from Booth Online on Vimeo.

Changing the Conversation: Integrating Alcohol and Drug Screening into Patient Care

Maryland SBIRT is a statewide health care improvement initiative to encourage health care providers and patients to discuss alcohol and drug use as part of routine medical visits.

SBIRT is an evidence-based, cost-effective public health approach that identifies and provides early intervention to adults and adolescents at risk of developing substance use and other behavioral health disorders. The SBIRT model uses validated screening instruments and interventions that have been proven effective.

Changing the Conversation: Integrating Alcohol and Drug Screening into Patient Care from Bonnie campbell on Vimeo.

Building Muscle? Cut Out The Alcohol Completely! – Infographic

Thinking about having a drink after your hard workout? Research studies show that alcohol can affect muscle building by slowing down your progress. It causes dehydration and fatigue. It increases body fats and prevents protein synthesis known as the process that builds muscle. Most importantly, it increases creatine kinase; the enzyme that signals tissue damage.

Source: TestX Core

The Effects of Alcohol on Muscle Building

Wise parent

“Thank you, mother!” and “Thank you, father!” are clips from the Wise Parent campaign, run by National Insitute for Health Development and Ministry of the Interior. (Estonia, 2016).

These clips show the gratitude that a child has for his/her parents who have always been supportive and who also directs a child to achieve goals even when it´s hard (not to fall our from music school or spend endless hours behind a computer screen). Also, a child thanks that they explained them the consequences of alcohol so that now, they can do what they have always dreamt of.

Face the music

Face The Music Foundation encourages awareness about addiction and recovery through information based outreach, fundraising events, and social media. We believe that by erasing the stigma associated with the third largest cause of accidental death in the United States, it becomes easier for recovery-based resources to be accessible for anyone who needs them.”

“I Got This” is sponsored by Recovery Unplugged, a revolutionary music-based treatment center with various detox, residential and inpatient facilities throughout Austin, Fort Lauderdale and DC.