Before Your Go, Know

“Every day, Colorado drivers are putting lives at risk by driving impaired. Each year, more than 26,000 people are arrested for DUI, and more than one-third of all Colorado traffic fatalities are alcohol-related.
With the goal of reducing the number of DUI-related fatalities and offenses in Colorado, CDOT has teamed with BACtrack to promote responsible drinking habits and the use of personal breathalyzers. BACtrack aims to help people monitor their blood alcohol content (BAC) to make informed and responsible decisions when it comes to driving.”
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Ask the doctor: Does alcohol sponsorship belong in sport?

Ask the doctor: Does alcohol sponsorship belong in sport? from FAREAustralia on Vimeo.

“On the eve of the third and deciding State of Origin game, Drink Tank caught up with Dr Sandro Demaio, co-host of the ABC television show Ask the Doctor, the World Health Organization’s Medical Officer for non-communicable conditions and nutrition, and co-founder of NCDFREE, a global social movement against noncommunicable diseases .
On a flying visit to Canberra to attend and present at a preventive health event at Parliament House, we asked the doctor, does alcohol sponsorship belong in sport?”

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Drinking and driving is a crime

Alcohol consumption is South Africa’s number one public health and safety issue. It plays a role in most personal injuries, from murders, rapes, assaults and suicides to all manner of accidents, including fires and drowning. It also causes all manner of diseases, directly and indirectly, and exacerbates others. It delays recovery from many types of conditions, including injuries which may have been related to alcohol use in the first place. When it comes to hurting human beings, alcohol plays the starring role, and our love affair with it is one of several factors holding our population in the thrall of a vicious circle of social harms, not least of which are poverty and ignorance.
By Road Safety in Western Cape (South Africa, 2017)

No Party Parents

The #NoPartyParents campaign goal is to deter underage drinking at house parties by showcasing what social host situations can look like and the fines that are associated with them. The social host ordinance holds homeowners and “party parents” responsible when they supply minors with the location to consume alcohol. The #NoPartyParents campaign serves as a tool for parents and children to discuss candidly situations where adults may be harming minors and others by providing a place to gather and consume alcohol.

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By SACADA – Circles of San Antonio Coalition