NHS Wandsworth & NHS Merton Alcohol Awareness

NHS Wandsworth & NHS Merton Alcohol Awareness Films from theoryfilms on Vimeo.

A film discussing the dangers of increasing alcohol addiction and how it impacts on people from the addicted to the people that try to help them.
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A number of leading Australians have lent their support to a campaign to remove alcohol sponsorship from professional sport.
The call comes a week out from the AFL and NRL Grand Final, and as evidence mounts about the harm to children as a result of exposure to alcohol advertising.
#BoozeFreeSport is a campaign endorsed and supported by the Public Health Association of Australia, McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth, St Vincent’s Health Australia, the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, the Australian Health Promotion Association and the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education.
Former President of the St Kilda Football Club, Rod Butterss says that for too long booze, drugs and gambling have been a part of AFL culture.
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Rod Butterss calls for league to cut its ties with alcohol from FAREAustralia on Vimeo.

Magistrates’ Court of Victoria’s Drug Court

Magistrates’ Court of Victoria’s Drug Court from Magistrates’ Court of Victoria on Vimeo.

The Victorian Drug Court is a division of the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria that provides for the sentencing and supervision of the treatment of offenders with a drug and/or alcohol dependency who have committed an offence under the influence of drugs or alcohol or to support a drug or alcohol habit.
The Victorian Drug Court initiative is a response to the failure of traditional criminal justice measures to adequately address drug use and related offending. The Victorian model has attempted to incorporate the best features of existing drug courts in order to establish a unique program addressing the specific needs of Victoria.

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Before Your Go, Know

“Every day, Colorado drivers are putting lives at risk by driving impaired. Each year, more than 26,000 people are arrested for DUI, and more than one-third of all Colorado traffic fatalities are alcohol-related.
With the goal of reducing the number of DUI-related fatalities and offenses in Colorado, CDOT has teamed with BACtrack to promote responsible drinking habits and the use of personal breathalyzers. BACtrack aims to help people monitor their blood alcohol content (BAC) to make informed and responsible decisions when it comes to driving.”
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