Young and Alcohol Free


Aiming to increase young people’s awareness of alcohol-related harm and encourage them to lead an alcohol-free lifestyle, the Department of Health (Hong Kong) launched the “Young and Alcohol Free” publicity campaign last year and the GIF design contest is one of the key initiatives of the campaign. Submissions were invited in March this year and nearly 200 animated GIF entries were received under two categories, namely the Family Category for local primary school students along with their parents, and the Secondary School Category for students from secondary schools. Prizes in each category, including the Best Animated GIF Award, the Most Popular Award and the Most Active Participating School Award, were presented at today’s ceremony.

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A complete list of all award winners is available on the DH’s “Change for Health” website. For details, please visit


Death Trip

Death Trip is a competition that is intended to prevent drink driving among young people to raise their awareness on this issue. The use of students’ awareness campaigns create awareness and visibility of drink driving as traffic safety problem.
“Happiness can be experienced in many ways. Behind the wheel is not one of them. Do not drive while drunk.”
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Organized by MA-Ungdom (Norway)

Winner of 2017 competition:

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

A short prevention animation about FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome).
FAS is diagnosed when a child shows retarded growth, a specific pattern of minor facial anomalies and neurological damage.
Direction, animation & sound design: GRETA JANUTYTĖ and MILDA ŠIULYTĖ (VILNIUS ACADEMY OF ARTS, 2016).

FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME from Milda Šiulytė on Vimeo.

Alcohol Addiction – Mental health

This one of the four-part series documentary was created by the Saint Louis Science Center’s Youth Exploring Science (YES) Program. The topics were chosen by YES Neuroscience teens and the filming/editing was done by YES Technology teens. These videos give the viewer interesting insight into different functions of the brain across four different areas of focus: Addiction, Boys vs Girls, Optical Illusions, and Schizophrenia.

One punch can kill

This film was produced as an assessment piece for Cinematography and Lighting at Bond University. Students were required to produce a 30 second commercial based on a product, business or public service announcement of their choosing. For this piece, I chose to create an PSA for alcohol-fueled violence, drawing inspiration from the Australian Government’s “One Punch Can Kill” campaign.

ONE PUNCH CAN KILL TVC from Declan Caruso on Vimeo.